The Sa Tskir Brothers Chronicles is an Amazon best-selling science fiction alien romance series. 



The Scouting

Skrits is dying. War-torn and decimated by disease, the planet is quickly becoming uninhabitable and their population dwindling with a lack of living females and the rare miracle of a live birth.

Tarisk Sa Tskir, a newly-appointed Lieutenant and recent winner of the lottery for a breeding mate, is sent to Earth to chase down and execute a high-profile refugee in order to secure a place on his planet for his newborn son, Rikist.

Yet while on Earth he meets a human female who changes his views on his current mission, and that meeting alters the entire course of his people.

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The Abduction

Samantha needed a break, and Las Vegas seemed like the perfect escape. After inheriting her father’s farm and being cheated on by her long-time boyfriend, she decided she needed a change to make her own destiny. She expected sooner or later Prince Charming would come along and sweep her off her feet.

She did not expect to be swept off to the stars… literally.

Abducted by a young alien whose inexperience with anything female proves to be more than an inconvenience, Samantha’s days of house-arrest on a war-torn planet are boring and dull.

Until her mate’s older brother comes home wounded from the war needing to recover from both physical and emotional wounds. An immediate attraction sparks between Samantha and this mysterious beast, and she struggles to balance her growing desires and her plans for escaping their alien world.

Then things start to heat up.

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The Keeping

Carly is not crazy. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself after surviving a failed alien abduction and losing her best friend during a wild weekend in Vegas. When government officials smooth things over with a plausible explanation for the blackouts, Carly tries to put the event behind her.

But then Samantha returned home, bringing two of the aliens with her, and Carly’s world is turned upside down–again–when the younger brother’s affections are turned her way.

Krissik Sa Tskir is everything Carly had ever wanted in a man. Tall, handsome, strong as an ox, and with a quick mind to match, Carly is more than happy to teach the naïve alien all the right ways to handle a needy Earth girl.

Then government forces from the alien planet arrive on Earth intent on greater destruction than their first invasion, bringing to light dark secrets from the brothers’ pasts, and questions of loyalty and motive that Carly cannot overlook.

Mind struggling and heart torn, Carly must decide her role in the oncoming battle, and whether a certain alien has a place in her future.

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The Remaining

Samantha thought life could not possibly get any stranger. Six months ago, she had been abducted during a girl’s weekend in Vegas and whisked away to the stars where the feline-like alien Sa Tskir brothers battled for her interest before escaping back to Earth with both men at her heels.

Things seemed to settle down as Samantha’s best friend Carly snags the eye of the younger alien Krissik and Samantha is able to enjoy the full attention of the sexy and ex-solider turned weapons-smuggler Rikist while running her late father’s ranch.

Yet while playing house and acting as the resident alien wrangler, a pregnant Samantha must deal with surfacing secrets and conspiring government agencies wishing to turn her weapons-smuggling lover to their side of the war, bringing both danger and mistrust into their lives.

When Rikist makes a terrible mistake that threatens the slice of heaven their makeshift family has struggled to create, Samantha must step up to keep those she loves alive as dark forces invade Earth’s soil for a nefarious purpose no one could see coming.





The Recruit


Coming August 17, 2021 as part of the Alien Embrace Limited Edition Anthology

Emily ran. Well, drove, more accurately, away from an abusive relationship with her life packed in a little pink Toyota Corolla across the deserted Arizona desert looking for a new place to call home.

Nothing seemed to be going right. Bad relationship? Check. Car trouble in the middle of nowhere? Check. Walk four miles to a rundown diner filled with dubious bikers? Check.

Yet the two hidden travelers lurking in the far corner are different. A dangerous, almost bestial vibe rolls off their massive shoulders and sets a shiver down Emily’s spine and a fire glowing low in her belly.

Along, tired, and running for her life, Emily’s prayed-for savior is nothing like she had ever imagined.


This novella is being initially released as part of an anthology filled with the best sci-fi romance authors on the market. From NYT and USA Today bestselling authors to newbies with their first publication, check out Alien Embrace for a short-run special of only $0.99 cents!




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