To submit your work for consideration directly to me, please download this Testing Agreement, sign it, and attach it to the submission form.

What I’m looking for:

  • Romance and Erotica
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Young Adult & New Adult

Some things I love to see in manuscripts:

  • Diverse stories and authors
  • Well-developed characters with distinct voices and significant arc
  • Plots that are multi-faceted and continuously move forward
  • Sense of humor
  • Dialog that is natural and entertaining

Please, do NOT send me stories containing:

  • Gratuitous violence solely for the sake of shock value
  • Torture or abuse of minors
  • Themes of racism, sexism, or any negative connotations toward other cultures or genders
  • Novels written in verse, poetry, or screenplays

About Readict and the Publishing Platform

Readict is an innovative e-reading app with about 300K daily active users and is constantly growing. Current features include:

  • A free app for readers to download
  • Readers are provided between 3-7 chapters to read at a time, and then can unlock additional chapters for further reading
  • Unlocking chapters can be earned by things like daily check-ins to accumulate coins for redemption, watch ads, etc
  • Users can click to watch 1 ad to earn 15 minutes of ad-free reading

Readict’s Business model

  • Readict licenses content from both publishers and authors with renewable agreements for both exclusive and non-exclusive novel-length, fiction
  • License fees are determined by how well a title does in a closed testing environment with their users
  • The data from the test results get applied to a 3-Tiered Reading Retention* table (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3), in addition to a second tiered table based on the author’s social media presence and reach. Books that test in Tier 1 are paid a higher licensing fee per title than the lower tiers
  • Readict selects a number of titles, applies the license fee to each title, and pays the author/publisher accordingly. These are flat rate license fees, not royalties
  • Before the agreement renews for the next year, each party reviews the data to determine the current retention rate for each title, and license fees can be modified if we choose to renew
  • Authors are given sign-on bonuses for first books, as well as returning perks
  • We offer referral bonuses for anyone referring a writer who signs on as a Readict Author
  • We do offer higher license payments for books that are exclusive to Readict and are open to spec books. Please contact an Acquisitions Editor prior to writing for more direction

*Reading Retention is determined by how many users read a minimum of 6,000 words of a book during the testing period

Readict’s Programs for Authors

As the head of author programs at Readict, I work diligently to maintain author-reader relationships and actively work to support authors to grow their craft and readership platform. All of the programs are voluntary and are offered to help nurture lasting relationships between the authors and Readict and grow their readership on our platform and social media.

  • A bi-weekly newsletter includes articles on writing and marketing, featured writers and stories, upcoming events, and cross-promotional posts
  • Readict’s Star Writer Series
    • This program features a new writer every two weeks. Their books are promoted across multiple platforms as well as our newsletter
  • The Author Training Program
    • This program consists of a combination of online self-paced curriculum and training videos to help increase knowledge of the writing and publishing process, creating a social media presence, and building a brand as an author
  • Cross-promotional opportunities for authors across social media
  • Hosting live zoom conferences between authors and editors
    • Allows facetime with the acquisition and editing team to answer questions, hold live training sessions, and create an author community through interaction with other writers and readers
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