Actually, depending on how warm it is (or if your child is out of school yet), it might feel like summer is already here. We’ve had some warm days and some cool days, and I think it’s still officially spring, but finally—finally—summer is right around the bend instead of months away.

I’m excited. There’s just something magical about writing during the summer.

Oh, writing during the winter has its perks—the hot seasonal beverages, the roaring fireplace, the undying hope for snow (however remote that hope might be here in California). But summer…summer is special.

There’s something exciting about creeping out of bed in the morning and slipping over to the writing area, to begin cranking out the words in the earliest rays of sunshine. The rest of the house is still sleeping; the sun might be rising earlier, but they certainly aren’t!

I like to take my laptop outdoors on warm summer days. If the backyard or a balcony won’t do, a great many cafes and restaurants now have Wi-Fi available, and sitting outside in the sunshine, watching people wander past, has jump-started my waning inspiration many a time. I’ve been known to set my laptop on the table, grab an iced tea, and just sit there and watch the people of summer: the surfers with their boards, the families on vacation, the teenagers and college kids finally freed from classes.

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be an added aura of positivity that surrounds people during the summer months. I’ve often wondered why this is; sometimes I feel it’s a natural, human appreciation for more sunshine, or the younger generation’s glee at not going to school every day. Regardless of the reason, watching people walk by in their shorts and flip-flops, some of them smearing sunscreen on arms and necks, makes me smile.

And when I smile, I write.

The best part of summer, though, isn’t the summer days. It’s the balmy summer nights—when you can hear the ocean mumbling to itself if you listen closely. The sun is down and the stars are out, and it’s still warm enough to warrant leaving the windows open so a gentle breeze can sweep in.

It’s pure magic. Even if I’ve had a productive day, the words are immediately ready to flow again. All I need to do is grab a pen or my computer, and they will come.

Summer and its balmy nights are almost here. I can’t wait.

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