Danny Mendoza is a hero. Or, was, since it seems like forever ago since he saved the alternate reality land of Umberhold from the evil scientist, Gray Matter.

Things seemed to have gone pretty much back to normal at home. Which, for Danny, pretty much means hiding away from school bully Mike and his gang and hanging out when he can with his only friend, Sam, and looking for clues of his long-lost father.

Boring, but safe. Something Danny is just fine with.

Yet when the colors and sounds of the world around him begin to fade, and strange shifts in time and space alter portions of his reality, Danny knows it’s time to go back to Umberhold.

When he returns, he realizes that more time has passed than planned in the fantasy land and things have gone terribly wrong in his absence. Gray Matter is at it again, and this time with an upgraded army of cyborgs and darker means of killing off the land. The scientist’s reach has also gone beyond the wormhole’s boundaries and the effects of his damage are now seeping into his own home on Earth.

Equipped with new training from his mentor, Shane Remley, and some unexpected allies from home, Danny must once again go head to head with this dangerous villain to stop the spread of destruction and face the reality of past family secrets long ago lost and buried.


Coming December 2018 from Barking Deer Press.

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